Top Tourist Attractions of the world that are waiting for you

Do you love traveling like me? I am always ready with my luggage to visit new spots which I thought I should visit. Being Libra, traveling and traveling is my zodiac sign, and I think somehow it is in my blood too I have inherited this trait from my parents. Good thing about them they also love travelling and I learnt how to figure out most of the exotic places to visit from them. Well, everyone dreamt once in his/her life to be on a world tour but the majority of them got the opportunity to see world attractions, and most of them won’t be able to see. In this blog, I am going to fulfill your dream to let you know about those places which are the real blessing, and none of them doesn’t want to miss them at any cost. Fasten your seat belts and get ready for me to take a sneak peek of these places.

  • Paris, France

You can’t eliminate this place from your list. If you ever heard about the city of love then how can you ignore this town? City of Lights, City of Love and City with the history of fragrances will remind you of only one city that is none other than Paris. You can have an iconic view of Eiffel Tower from the Shangri-La Paris which would let you fall in love with the city.


  • Rome, Italy

City of Seven Hills or Eternal City is all set to welcome you. Rome has the vast range of places that are waiting for you. You can’t miss out the Roman Forum, Pantheon, Vatican City and much more. Rome has much more things for tourists. I am pretty much sure that you will have a great time with your family here. If I would say Rome is the famous for History, Architecture, and Food, then it won’t be wrong.  You would get a huge collection of eateries places along with the historic structures.


  • Istanbul, Turkey

If you have heard from someone that Istanbul is the Second Rome, then you don’t need to surprise. Well, this is true it is a most populated place located on both sides of Bosporus between the black sea and the Marmara Sea. Istanbul lies in between both Asia and Europe. Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Bosphorus River, Basilica Cistern are the main attraction of the Istanbul which you need to visit at least once. It would be a fascinating experience for you with family or loved one.


  • Buenos Aires, Argentina

Want to see some glimpse of Spanish Architectural influence? The capital of Argentina has everything which you need to know about Buenos Aires. It is also considered as Paris of Americas because it is a business hub for all the North Americans.


  • New York

New York the city never sleeps are full of attractions that need your once visit. Manhattan Bridge, Central Park Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty and Empire state building are the most exotic places to visit. It is known for Broadway theaters, cinemas to give you entertainment whole day. New York is the focal point fascination of approx. 50 million visitors.


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