Do you favour Steel Framed Buildings or not?

Structure of any building always matters a lot, and if you are thinking to construct any residential place, then you would probably think for twice or thrice about its structure. While selecting structure what are those aspects that you would consider first? Planning comes before design, and you would plan first about its structure either you choose steel frame buildings or timber-framed houses. It’s totally up to you. If we look back a few years ago where people used to opt wooden structure buildings that were quite common. The wood structure is being preferred nowadays but in a different style. You will get a different kind of designs for timber structured home. Take a note here, would you prefer delicate structure for your home that can be easily blown away by storm? Obviously not. Everyone will prefer sturdy structure that should withstand any situation whether you have to come across flood or tornados or any other significant environmental changes

When we talk about permanent home structure, then steel frame structure is gaining popularity day by day. People prefer this one because of well-made nature. This type of structure was initially considered for industrial factories but have you ever give a thought to steel framing systems for your homes? You will get a robust structure for your house in the form of steel, but it’s up to you how would you maintain your home appearance by steel framing system. Here the question is, do you favour steel framed buildings or not? Well, these days it is being preferred by numerous people whoever is thinking to buy a new house, steel is the optimal choice for them.

Points that favour Steel Frame Buildings

steel frame buildings

Have a look at below points that are in support of steel. After reading these, you would think to use steel structure for your new home.

Long lasting

Well, if you are opting steel structure over the wooden one then let me add one thing here steel structured homes would last long. It is not bio gradable as wood. You won’t have an ever moist issue as compared to wood and the best thing about steel it wouldn’t change its shape over the years. So yes we can say it has the more potential for lasting long rather than wood or any other structure.


This feature is one of those who is increasing its worth. Steel frame construction is durable as we all aware steel is one of the sturdy material than woods. Don’t count sturdy in heavyweight terms. The best thing about such type of material is, they are light in weight.  It has stronger nature than wood which was being used extensively for several years.

Size Variations

Do you know this one ‘s hard for any other material to get variation in different sizes? Luckily, we don’t have to face such type of situation for steel structure. You will get your desired size in various variety especially for steel.

Termite free

You might have to face different termite issues that would cause severe decay problems. Especially such type of challenges are common in wood, but steel frame structure is best because it is termite free and you wouldn’t have to face any deterioration

Fire resistant

Steel frame structure would be fire resistant. You don’t need to worry about any fire incident because when the fire broke out steel structure would resist fire.


With steel, frames system, you don’t need to be a worry for moisture because such type of moistening issues occurs in concrete walls. So we can say steel would prevent moisture as well.

Points that don’t favour steel Frame Buildings

Steel framing systems

Take a look at below points that are not in favour of steel frame buildings. These reasons might change your mind.

Cost of producing steel

Well, the production cost of steel is quite high as per the current need of steel frame structure. This reason is not favouring steel framed residential places

Time-consuming construction

We know steel is durable and have the quality to withstand in any weather condition, but the worse part would be its construction that is quite time-taken. It takes enough time to construct the building. You must be thinking why it is consuming time? Let me add one thing here it doesn’t require any nails to attach steel sheets so different type of screws are needed. Such things use to increase its construction time

Difficult to Install

Well, steel building installation is a bit tricky. It requires additional insulation and steel is not a good insulator, and if you add method to insulate the steel then it will increase the cost of development as well

Power consumption

Steel is not a good insulator as compared to wood, and when we use additional source for insulation, then power consumption would be increased as well. You will see hefty electricity bills, and energy cost has been increased for your house too

Not ideal for cold places

Despite durable and long lasting feature, it is not suitable for cold areas. If you are living in such areas where winter season used to be at best and snow falling is expected more than other areas then this is not suitable because it wouldn’t help to keep your home cosy as you expected.

You have gone through possible points that are favouring steel frame structure, and some of them don’t favour, but it doesn’t mean steel frame structure has lost its worth. People are opting these steel frame structure to keep their selves in sturdy premises without getting worried about the violent situation. Although it will increase the power consumption rate and construction cost. It doesn’t mean its popularity has been reduced, but It’s up to you either you opt this or not but make sure you have chosen best one for your residence.